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  • Lack of education – As women are treated with lack of respect and position in the society, they are often left out of the basic need in education. It is believed that because they are married off and to be left at home to look after her children, husband and in-laws the need of education is not required.
  • Lack of public toilets – This is more of a hygiene problem in India. This makes it even more difficult for women and girls to get out of the house.
  • No Divorce – Under most religion in India, divorce is not permitted. Therefore, once a married woman is married it is forever until death.
  • No Remarriage – If a married woman runs away from her harsh husband and in-laws, she could never get remarried.

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  • Treatment of widows – many families blame the unfortunate death of a husband to the misfortune of the wife. In extreme cases, the widow is made to wear only unattractive clothing and shave her head. The married women would also fill ashamed and look down by family and relative members. They would also never remarry again.

In the Indian culture it attaches a great importance to the purity and virtue of men and women. Many people who follow the principle typically have not had any sexual experience till they are married. Married women spend most of there time with the family members, mostly other female relatives. For those who are privileged enough to have and education will have friends from their school or work. Other without usually spend their time with household chores, raising children, watching movies, and caring for the community.

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