Married Women Writing Great Profile

To write a great personal ad to get yourself noticed you need to ask yourself the following questions:

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  1. Ask yourself what you want out of your online dating experience – do you want a permanent relationship which is something more serious and perhaps even love or just a casual date.

  2. Think before you actually write – do not give every detail of your life experience such as how many ex-boyfriends you had or how many sisters or brothers you have. Be practical and write what attracts a guy’s attention.

  1. Unlearn your adjectives – We all want to meet someone who is cute, funny, romantic, smart, athletic, honest, and generous. The only problem is so does everyone else. Therefore, when you are describing who you are and who you are looking for, avoid being adjectives. Remember specifics are always more interesting than generics.

  2. Go to your positive side – When it comes to writing your profile, don’t be the girl who complains. You tell me which guy would respond to girl who is always on the negative sides of things.
  1. Avoid subjective and adjectives descriptions – Many people would worry about how and what to write in your profile without sounding snobbish. Do not describe yourself if you are gorgeous, brainy and talented, even thought you are, let your picture and the facts speak for themselves.

  2. Think like a male when you are writing – Think of what male like. Write what they like to read. Be in a man’s fantasy.

  3. Write the truth and nothing but only the truth.

  4. Never describe how you look or how want your idea man to look. Your picture can do the telling. There is nothing wrong in keeping the suspense in things.

  5. Always use the spell check function on you computer to check your profile.

  6. Lastly, do not make your profile like a boring essay. Balance a mix of humor and sincerity in it.

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